The board of the Sosurwo foundation consists of minimum 3 to maximum 5 members. Members take part of the board on their personal capacity. The tasks of the board are to The duties of the board consist of running the foundation and managing its assets. Furthermore, the Board makes decisions on all current projects.

The board of the organization consists exclusively of people who are engaged with the purpose of the organization.

President  Jeruto Chepkwony
Secretary     vacant
Paymaster     Anton van Weeren
General board member  
(student exchange programme)  Claudia Elderkamp
Technical drinking water expert (freelance)   vacant

Webmaster    Dirk Luijk

Board meeting
The board meets 3 times a year to discuss ongoing issues and to evaluate the projects. Our supporters are welcome to attend a board meeting. To attend a meeting, please contact the foundation through or phone: 31 10 4857000.