Sosurwo Foundation is a Christian organization based in Rotterdam and is actively committed to the following objectives:

  • Developing the Marakwet District in Kenya in order to improve the living conditions of its inhabitants.
  • Achieving a water supply, sanitation and businesses in the eight villages to manage the water system.
  • Addressing the health of local people.
  • Consider opportunities for better education, such as building schools and adoption of financial students.

The Foundation seeks to achieve this goal by:
  • Together with local governments and private organizations.
  • Fundraising with individuals, businesses and government agencies.
  • Use the obtained funds to achieve clean drinking water and sanitation.
  • Providing (technical) support for implementation and maintenance.
  • Using other legitimate and appropriate steps that can lead to achieving the goals.
Furthermore, the Foundation will ensure a justifiable use of the collective mark of the Foundation and encourages their relationships and organizations to actively contribute to achieving the objectives of the Foundation.