Water for the Marakwets

The project water for the Marakwets takes place in the eastern part of the Marakwet district, in North-Western Kenya. In this area, Sosurwo wants to cooperate with the local population in order to achieve a reliable water connection to every family.

Current way of water use
In this Eastern part of the Marakwet district, people take their water from an irrigation channel. The watter is extracted from the biggest river Embombut to different irrigation channels which flow through the villages. The water is used to wash clothes, but also as drinking water for the cows. During the rain season, the water flows to the river, this polutes the water in the river and makes it risky to drink as it may cause diseases.

The water project
The water project will be executed by the connection of a water system. The water is taken from the plateau by means of gravity, and distributed amongst the villages, where community based taps are being installed. Because the project is broadly spread, we do have an appointment with the Lake Victoria North Water Services Board, that they will finance phase 1, 4, 6 and 7. Phase 2, 3 and 5 will be financed by Sosurwo.

Phase 1:

The inlet and the water pipe from the source to "Chambers". 

Phase 2:

This is the building of the "Chambers". Here the water is purified and transported to the main reservoir near Kiptor. 

Phase 3: 
Currently, we are realizing phase 3 of the project. In phase 3, a water reservoir is constructed in the village kapsagom. This phase is being financed by NCDO and St. Wilde Ganzen.


In the map above, you will see the phases for which Sosurwo is responsible.

Phase 1 = Black
Phase 2 = Green
Phase 3 = Red
Phase 5 = Dark blue

Phase 5
The water pipes from the junction Kiptor to Sesoi. In this phase, the water reservoir is constructed having a capacity of 150m3. Aftwerwards, the water taps are constructed in the surrounding Kasige and Kowow villages.